June - July 2009

The planters are now cemented to protect them from the rains. They will be mud plastered and finished properly once the roof goes on. A lot of focus on wood work with the Mezzanine has continued. We now have all the major beams and pillars in place. The floor board support beams are also going in and a nice pattern is forming!

Supporting wood structure for mezzanine
The concrete lintel is now finished. We have used various sizes of steel rebar, with the largest pieces of 18mm. We have used a very strong lintel and pinned it to the wall below with steel going three tyres deep. These lintels we to bridge the gap of all the three main windows. They will also help to strengthen the walls as a unit.


After two more weeks, tyre ramming will continue rapidly and I hope to have the walls completed within 6 weeks.

We have started making the roof! This roof will have a large 13-14 foot center ring made of 16 equal sides. This center ring is now in being made and will be lifted into position once the walls are finished.

There has been a lot of media attention on Earthship Karuna this past two months. This build was featured in the DNA Newspaper (Bombay, Pune & Mumbai editions). They covered this work with a full page spread. There are two more stories going out in architecture magazines in India soon. Finally I will be presenting at the P.C.E.F.R (Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation) on August 2nd. This will most likely generate lots of interest in Earthship builds. I hope that this is just the start for India on this idea. It looks like already there will be some small private builds such as my own.

I am currently building a network that could help to achieve a lot for various projects. My aim is to help whoever I can to find the right teams to perform new builds. If you are reading this and have useful skills and might like to make up part of a build crew please get in touch