What is your plan? Do you have one?

Please speak with us if you are building a new home or other kind of structure and would like to incorporate even some of the ideas presented in Earthship Biotecture. We can help you to incorporate a variety of options available (e.g. rainwater harvesting).

We can also help you to build a true earthship with all the features and benefits.

There are a lot of options. Do you want to have a private residence? Do you want to have a demo workshop as part of a larger building for some other use? You can also apply the 6 principles of Earthship Biotecture to an existing building. This is called retrofitting.

Another option is to send your local builders to an earthship workshops in the USA or around the world.

We have many contacts with people who are very experienced and can put you in touch with the right people to suit your needs.


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If you are starting a new project or build then this is a great undertaking. If you need some help getting started, please contact me. I am able to help in many ways, from telephone/ video consultations to the creation of customised architecutal plans. These are based on the global model and adapted to suite your location and needs.

Please note that due to the overwhelming number of people who have made enquiries, I will answer the best looking projects first. I would very much like to see new earthship developments in India, and would like to put my energy into real projects with good leaders.

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